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Welcome to our Website dear visitors!

Greatings from the BudNat Aussies Kennel Site

We are a small Family Kennel in Hungary.

We live with our dogs in (We can be found in…) Csopak, under the Bakony, in the centarl area of the Danube.

Australian Shepherds are valuable members of our family. You must be curious about our story…

Andrea Markovics

I have been a fan of animals since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the devotion, loyalty and love that only one animal can do.

… I now feel that I do have to deal with dogs and I want to achieve a lot in this area. ,,

Our goal is to breed quality and healthy Australian Shepherds who can proudly represent the true characteristics and noble traits of the breed .


“When you have a dog,sometimes you forget,or do not realize, that YOU are the only one for him…We often are their Everything & their Whole World”



We are proud to introduce you to our dogs

It was a long way, but here we are. And we know, we still have a way to go, but we are prepared and with the best bloodline we adventure into the future.

We would like to offer Australian Shepherds trough generations our Aussies!

Why choose Us?

Healthcare Guarantee

Never buy a puppy if the breeder does not provide a health guarantee. Very important and must be considered before buying any Puppy.


All our dogs have a genetic profile and identification based on genetic markers is provided.


No matter the age of the dog you always get full support from us. Therefore the new owners of the puppy can and must trust us!


Our high-nutrient and wholesome foods ensure a healthy body and mental balance for our dogs.