Kennel info

We are glad that you are considering joining our hairy family!

Here at BudNat kennel, we strive to produce excellent Australian Shepherds that are a treasure for the breed and a treasure for their families.

Each of our litters is special to us and takes a huge amount of time, research and care on each of them. We always plan to keep at least 1 puppy in each litter to show and continue our program, and we hand over the other puppies to only loving homes.

  • Puppies for hobby purpose cost € 1300 – 1800 and are provided with a sterilization / neutering obligation. The price depends on the sex and colour of the puppy.
  • We devote tremendous love, dedication, time and effort to every litter, please do not ask for a discounted price or discount.
  • We need a security deposit of € 500 to book your pet puppy for you, and you will settle the remaining amount when you pick up the puppy.
  • Please note that ALL bookings are non-refundable. But you can save your booking for next litter if there is no suitable puppy for you in the current one.
  • We sell our show puppies on an individual basis. We choose and select what quality we would like to be represented in the show ring and we usually have a waiting list for future puppies.
  • The price of our show puppies depends on the bloodline of the litter, but most promising puppies are sold in joint ownership. Please ask for more information about this!
  • We evaluate our puppies for ENS /Early Neurological Stimulation/ between 3-16 days of age. Then the puppies are raised in a “puppy culture” program.
  • Above all, we reserve the right to choose from the puppies with which we would like to advance in our breeding program.
  • We then select SHOW quality puppies and see what puppies stay in our homes!
  • Acquiring a puppy is a commitment, you need to be prepared to spend the next 12-15 years caring for your puppy.

If you are interested in a BudNat puppy, we would love to hear from you!

  • Please understand that we ask a variety of questions to best fit each puppy into a new home.
  • We do not sell puppies based on markings or eye color. First:we place the puppies based on temperament. However, we try to keep in mind the desired traits that every person wants to find in their own puppy. It’s also part of being the best breeders we can be.
  • We breed according to the FCI Breed Standard.
  • Please visit the FCI website or click on the Breed description menu to view the full standard.

The babies will be delivered to their new families at 9 weeks of age with a full vaccination programme, chip, passport, pedigree, pedigree book, contract, health guarantee, parents’ genetic results and CH certificates, starter pack, invoice. The puppies will be accustomed to boxing, cars, children, dust and water, all outside stimuli, problem solving skills will be developed so that they arrive to their new family as stable dogs.

We raise our puppies on Royal Canin Pro Plan!

Write to us! Please complete and submit the puppy questionnaire below. This answers all of our basic questions we want to ask potential owners.

Once we receive the questionnaire, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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