What do you need to know about us?

We hope we can pass on our passion for the Aussies by introducing you, to these wonderful dogs and describing our encounter with the breed. We are confident that we have found the perfect Aussies, that fully show all the best characteristics of the breed.

Andrea Markovics

Founder of the BuddNat Aussies kennel

Gábor Judik

Founder of the BuddNat Aussies kennel

Zóra Borbála Kőrösi

BudNat Aussies kennel, handler

Simon Juvenál Judik

BudNat Aussies kennel, handler

Vilmos Nagy

BudNat Aussies kennel, handler

Ab ovo…

Our story began in September 2016, on a sunny day.

We found our happiness in breeding mini lop bunnies

for almost 10 years, that was our hobby.

In early 2013, a bunny mini-girl with English

ancestry joined our bunny team.

…why am I telling this?

You will find out…

The beginnings

Unfortunately the bunny arrived ill, we didn’t mind spending time and everything we could do, heal her so she can stay with us. We loved her very much over time, it grew to our hearts. As a clean room bunny, it became a member of the family …lived with us, …behaved like a puppy, …but unfortunately, couldn’t give us a little bunny anymore. As a result of careful, dedicated care, she was with us for another 3 wonderful years …while on a sunny day, at the suggestion of the doctor, we accepted the inconceivable need to have surgery. There is no other option! The surgery was successful, but our Doris – Jolly Jumper Dolores – did not wake up from the surgery. Our kennel history is at this point…


And on this day, PannonAussies Back To My Heart Budweiser was born, our blue merle boy Buddy, who came into the world by some coincidence, but more miraculously, just as Dolores handed over the place to another little lovable soul.

And we felt that something had begun that had not ended to this day, and we hope it will last forever.


The big step

We weren’t informed about the breed, but that didn’t stop us. We knew we couldn’t let him go.

He had to be a member of our family… just like Doriska.

We looked up about, talked to several breeders, dog friends, instructors, we also went to shows, just to be prepared for the arrival of a puppy. Once he arrived, we couldn’t wait to go to dog school… then we started to get to know the world of shows as well.

It was a lot of fun and we saw Buddy enjoy it too, winning show prizes, Champion titles one after another.


With her, we have well planned it all,surched for her and found her. In little time we fell in love with the sweet little red tri girl from the French kennel DeL’Aussie Happy, Nati. Since then, she has also made our days happier as true family members..we love. They love to herd,play frisbee, compete, spend all their time with us.

Be it hiking, biking or any other family program together.

We plan in advance because of them. Because of the love of the breed we became a small kennel. One of our dreams has come true this year. We really hope that our little Australian babies will be able to give similar happiness to many families