A new litter is expected – end of March 2023

From a previously successful pairing, a new litter is planned to arrive again by the end of March 2023.

Dam: Near To My Heart Big Potato De L’Aussie  Happy,  ‘Nati’.
More information >>> Nati

Sire: Pannon Aussies Back To My Heart Budweiser Darwin ‘Buddy’.
More information >>> Buddy

Expected arrival of pups: the end of March 2023

From this pairing we are mainly looking for puppies of family and hobby quality. We are looking for families who know the breed and have the time to provide everything for the puppies. We place great emphasis on the choice of families, which is particularly important to us. We look forward to receiving regular updates on the puppies throughout their lives. In addition, we need to know more about the puppies for our proper breeding direction.


Puppies will be shown during a personal visit after a telephone appointment and selection will take place after the showing.

Waiting list is open, reservations are taken for all colors and sexes!

Long-tailed puppies are welcome!

We can provide more information by phone or message!

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