Tokyo’s fantastic results

Hódmezővásárhely (HUN), 3xCACIB Dogshow

Fantastic results! ✨🏆✨

Tokyo was very successful at the 3xCACIB Dogshow in Hódmezővásárhely.
Lightlake Just Be The One “Tokyo” 💟 won his class in junior class all 3 days at his first show.

Results: 3xHPJ Exc1, Best Junior Female, JCACIB and BOS (best oposite sex – best opposite sex in the breed)

Based on these results Tokyo can now carry the title of HJCH – Hungarian Junior Champion.🎊🥂🍾🏆🎊

Tokyo also won the “HMPGW – Hungarian Minnor Puppy Grand Winner” title at FeHoVa.🏆

We are very proud of him! 😊

Thank you to her breeder Kata Takács for this wonderful girl and the fantastic handling 😍 and that you trust me ❤️.

Tokyo is co-owned by BudNat Aussies Australian Shepherds Kennel and Lightlake Aussies & Mini American Shepherds Kennel.

More information >>> Lightlake Just Be The One “Tokyo”